Using contact lenses for longer than the manufacturers recommended period

The ACLM is aware of a report published in the April issue of Which? magazine which might suggest that users extend the use of their daily disposable lenses beyond the period recommended by their optician or by the manufacturer concerned.

The Association is most unhappy about this article and about the possible effect it may have on some contact lens wearers.  To adopt a wearing schedule which ignores professional advice is irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

Contact lenses are authorised for sale by regulatory authorities only after extensive and rigorous testing under a wide range of conditions.  It is unclear how detailed was the testing carried out for the Which? report, but certainly the relevant licences have not changed.  In any event, contact lens wearers should always adhere to the wearing regime and aftercare procedures prescribed by their eye care professional.

To circumvent approved standards may also put the wearer outside the normal legal framework for consumer protection.

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