Buying fashion/fun (plano) Contact Lenses

New laws in the UK now make it illegal to sell any form of contact lenses to a person who does not produce a current specification (which can be obtained from your optician). The seller also needs to meet certain conditions of expertise in order to carry out the sale.

If you are thinking of wearing any form of contact lens, take advice from your local optician first.

The single most important factor in contact lens wear is that they should be prescribed, fitted and checked from time to time by an eye-care specialist, who will determine the best type of lens based on the characteristics of the wearer's eyes. The specialist will instruct on the wear and care of the lenses and arrange regular check ups to ensure the ongoing health of the eye.

In addition:

  • Contact lenses should only be purchased which originate from reputable manufacturers who abide by international regulations and follow international quality standards.

  • Contact lenses should never, ever, be swapped or borrowed and the routine laid down by the specialist should always be followed.

  • Lenses should not be worn for periods longer than prescribed.

  • They must be replaced as recommended by the specialist.

  • Disposable lenses should be discarded after the recommended wearing time.

  • Lenses should not be worn overnight unless 'extended wear' lenses have been prescribed and the check up routine is adhered to.

  • The eye care specialist will instruct on cleaning and hygiene and will recommend the relevant care products (cleaning agents) for each patient and the type of lens prescribed.

  • Not all solutions can be used for all lenses!

  • Tap water should never be used to clean contact lenses and solutions should be discarded after they reach their 'use by' date.

  • Lens storage cases must be kept scrupulously clean - they should be cleaned, rinsed and air dried each time lenses are removed.

  • If eyes become red or irritated, the lenses should be removed immediately and the specialist contacted