Basic Lens Care

Although lens care is simple and easy, eye care practitioners have some basic tips for contact lens wearers:

Some products are only made for use with specific types of lenses (soft or RGP). Follow your eye care practitionerís advice for which lens care system is best for you, and follow the directions on the products.

Wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses every time! Avoid perfumed or medicated soaps.

Solutions are available for every step of lens care. Never substitute ordinary tap water, bottled water, saliva or other liquids to rinse, store or re-wet lenses.

Don't neglect your lens case. Clean it daily, as you would your lenses, and store your lenses in the case when they're not being worn.

Lens Care Made Easy
Yes, easy! But that doesnít mean lens care isn't important. Proper lens care will help keep your lenses clean, comfortable, and safe from harmful bacteria. There are three basic steps to proper lens care:
Daily cleaning
Daily disinfecting
Weekly protein removal

In simple terms, cleaning removes the everyday dust, pollution, make-up and other things your eyes encounter. Disinfecting kills micro-organisms that can grow on dirty lenses, and weekly protein removal breaks down the protein deposits that are produced naturally in everyone's tears.

Whether your lenses are soft or rigid gas permeables, there are a number of lens care systems available to you. Your eye care practitioner will select the one thatís best for you.
Proper lens care can fit into even the busiest lifestyle!

Finally comes the best news of all: contact lenses are very safe when cared for and used properly. Be sure to read the product instructions and always follow your practitionerís advice.
With the virtual explosion of technology in lens care products, lens care has never been easier and more hassle-free.