Lens and Makeup Care

Contact lenses let you see the world, and they also let the world see YOU! They're just the thing for those times when you want to shed your frames; for everything from the natural look - to looking glamorous. Here are some hints to help you look your best in contact lenses:

Always wash your hands before handling your lenses, and avoid perfumed or medicated soaps.

Insert your contact lenses before applying make-up. This will help you to see what you are doing while applying your cosmetics.

It's a good ideas to close your eyes when applying loose powder, to keep it from getting in your eyes.

Stay away from make-up and cleansers that can leave a greasy film on lenses. The same goes for hand creams and lotions; put these on after handling your lenses.

Steer clear of "lash extender" mascaras, as they contain fibres that can flake off and get into your eyes, causing possible irritation.

Eye care specialists recommend cream or liquid blushers, eyeshadows, and eyeliners since they don't contain gritty substances that can irritate your eyes. And, if you use powdered eyeshadow, make sure to apply it with a wet applicator. Also, forget about frosted shadows. They contain tinsel, an ingredient that will stain your lenses.

Never apply your eyeliner on the inside part of your lid. It could get on your contact lenses, blurring vision and irritating your eyes.

Look out for cosmetics designed especially for contact lens wearers, available from optical outlets.

It is best not to use hairsprays and other aerosol products after inserting your lenses. If you find it necessary to apply hairspray when you're wearing lenses, close your eyes.

Store your make-up properly, making sure lids are tightly sealed. It's also a good idea to replace a mascara and applicators at least every three months to avoid bacteria build-up.

With these basic steps you can make the most of your eyes, just like so many of today's top models and celebrities. Now you don't have to be a star to steal the show!