FAQs About Contact Lenses

What are disposable lenses?
"Disposable" lenses are those lenses which are designed to be replaced more often than regular lenses. Almost all disposable lenses are of the soft variety. You can replace your lenses yearly, six monthly, three monthly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly and now daily. Lenses disposed of three monthly and above are often referred to as "Frequent Replacement" lenses as well. The advantage of disposable lenses is that they are thrown away before getting too dirty and are therefore more healthy for your eyes. Also, because they do not have to last as long they can be made thinner to improve the comfort, and reducing their thickness further improves the ability of Oxygen to pass through them. Also it may be possible to simplify the cleaning and disinfecting routine as the lenses do not have to last as long.

What are contact lenses?
What are "Hard" and "Soft" lenses?
Why does the cornea need Oxygen?
What are high water content lenses?
Why aren't all soft lenses high water content?
Do gas permeable contact lenses absorb water?
Which lenses are best?
What is astigmatism?
I have astigmatism - can I wear soft lenses?
What is presbyopia?
I have presbyopia - can I wear contact lenses?
What are disposable lenses?
Why are contact lens solutions needed?
Do I need to use protein-removing tablets?
Which solution is best for my lenses?
I've been told not to wear my lenses when in an aeroplane - why?
Can I swim in my contact lenses?
Do I still need spectacles if I wear contact lenses?
What is the difference between tinted and coloured lenses?

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