FAQs About Contact Lenses

Can I swim in my contact lenses?
Generally speaking, you should not swim in your contact lenses. This is for two main reasons - Firstly it is very easy for the lenses to be washed out of the eye by a small wave or if you place your head under the water. Secondly the lenses, especially the soft variety, will absorb any chemicals or germs in the water. They will then stay in or on the lens for several hours, irritating the eyes and possibly causing infection. You can get ready-made prescription swimming goggles from opticians which are not too expensive and would be safer for swimming. For those involved in active water sports such as water-polo or canoeing, then a special type of rigid lens called a "Scleral lens" would be more suitable as these will not be washed out of the eye, but these cannot be worn all the time.

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