FAQs About Contact Lenses

Which lenses are best?
There is no easy answer to this. In terms of Oxygen transmission, soft lens materials range from 8 to 35 units of permeability, whereas gas permeable lenses range from 6 to approximately 200. Therefore, if it was just down to Oxygen transmission, then everyone would have gas permeable lenses. In fact, in the UK the market is the opposite - gas permeable lenses making up only about 15% of the market at the moment and declining. The big advantages of gas permeable lenses is that they allow more Oxygen to the eye in most circumstances, are small so easy to insert, give excellent vision, can correct astigmatism and are long lasting. However, they can be difficult to get used to and are best worn daily to maintain the eyes' tolerance to the lenses. Also they are more easily dislodged from the eye and so are less useful for sporting activities. Soft lenses are more or less the opposite. They are very stable in the eye and hence good for sport. They are easy to get used to and can be used on an occasional basis because of this. However, they do not last as long and some types of vision, most notably astigmatism, are harder to correct with soft lenses. If you want to have tinted or coloured contact lenses, then they are only presently available in the soft variety.

What are contact lenses?
What are "Hard" and "Soft" lenses?
Why does the cornea need Oxygen?
What are high water content lenses?
Why aren't all soft lenses high water content?
Do gas permeable contact lenses absorb water?
Which lenses are best?
What is astigmatism?
I have astigmatism - can I wear soft lenses?
What is presbyopia?
I have presbyopia - can I wear contact lenses?
What are disposable lenses?
Why are contact lens solutions needed?
Do I need to use protein-removing tablets?
Which solution is best for my lenses?
I've been told not to wear my lenses when in an aeroplane - why?
Can I swim in my contact lenses?
Do I still need spectacles if I wear contact lenses?
What is the difference between tinted and coloured lenses?

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