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With around three million people in the UK wearing contact lenses and over 31 million wearers in the USA it is obvious that contact lenses are the clear choice for many people with vision correction needs. The flexibility and convenience, added to scientific developments are leading more and more people to this form of correction for aesthetic or practical reasons.

How Contact Lenses Work - Includes a description of why we need to wear contact lenses and an indepth explaination of the four main conditions that require corrective lenses.

Different Types of Contact Lenses - Soft Lenses and Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Lenses. This section also looks at Tinted lenses - Enhancing Tints, Opaque tints and Visibilty or handling tints.

Contact Lens Care Tips - From basic tips to lens care for sports and makeup.

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FAQs - Can I wear my contact lenses when Im swimming?

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